A Rolling Tatami Mat

The rolling tatami mat RE/NOMADO brings a tightly woven tatami surface to life as a floor rug of  Western proportions. Tatami is traditionally made from igusa rush grown on rice fields. The RE/NOMADO material is an innovative paper reed made of washi. This enables the use of the same loom machinery for weaving but produces a long-lasting surface with superior colourfastness that is easier to care for. Now available in three colourways: Rush Green, Rush Gold and Indigo Chestnut.

The RE/NOMADO rolling tatami mat is a part of the Johanna Gullichsen x Rakusai Collection, which is produced in Japan.

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Size: 80cm x 200cm
Material: paper straw

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Care instructions

Indoor use only. Clean by careful vacuuming. Remove stains with a moist cloth. On wood and stone floors, the use of a non-slip layer is recommended. Colourfastness is up to three times that of natural rush. Moisture-repellent, but spills to be dried immediately. Both sides can be used.

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