Johanna Gullichsen corner “Alkovi” at Artek Helsinki

In the Artek Helsinki store, the area dedicated to Johanna Gullichsen’s products expanded in the autumn of 2020. The corner, called Alkovi (alcove), is located on the second floor of the store. In addition to the familiar products like cushions, Alkovi presents Artek furniture upholstered with Johanna Gullichsen fabrics and RE/NOMADO tatami rugs. The most popular fabrics are now also available by the meter.

“I feel that my fabric patterns and colours are in total harmony with Artek furniture, and give them an extra touch. Intensifying the collaboration with Artek seems logic, as we share the same values regarding quality, timelessness and sustainability.” Gullichsen says about the background to the collaboration.

“Alkovi” presents the Johanna Gullichsen textile collection in an interior setting together with furniture and objects that complement each other. The fabric patterns and the forms of upholstered furniture engage in an exciting and inspiring dialogue.
“We want to offer our customers ideas and inspiration for high-quality, timeless interiors. The choice of upholstery fabric for both new and old furniture becomes easier when you can see the examples in the store. The furniture and its upholstery in Alkovi have been chosen together with Johanna Gullichsen,” says Ulla Rutanen from the Artek Helsinki store.

Johanna Gullichsens personal connection to Artek makes this collaboration especially heartwarming.
“Collaboration with Artek feels natural to me. I have been surrounded by Artek furniture my whole life. Since my grandmother Maire Gullichsen was one of the founders of Artek, for me as a child, an Artek interior was something self-evident. Later in life, I have consciously chosen Artek furniture for my own home.