Social and Environmental Responsibility

Making timeless and long-lasting textiles is an ecological choice.

One of the founding principles of Johanna Gullichsen’s design philosophy is to create products that will stand the test of time. Woven to last, as beautiful textures and solid materials – the collection has an aesthetic appeal transcending the latest trends and what’s in fashion.

The collection is produced with great care for the environment. Choosing sustainable production methods and working in partnership with local manufacturers in Finland, the company stands for transparency and follows ecological industry regulations. Finished woven textiles are never treated with chemicals, and most fabrics are made from organic fibres.

The best-selling Normandie collection has been produced from cotton fibre with a GOTS certificate. It is dyed in Finland by Lappajärven Värjäämö, a trusted partner awarded for environmentally friendly dyeing processes. Since 2005 Lappajärven Värjäämö has adopted an ecologically advanced method, which saves energy and water. This collaboration supports both local manufacturing and Johanna Gullichsen’s environmental policies.

Following the dyeing process, most textiles are produced with skilled weavers at Finnish mills, allowing excellent quality control. A trusted network of partners sharing the same values, following environmentally conscious regulations. For accessories production, Johanna Gullichsen has teamed up with local ateliers in Helsinki and Somero. Proximity to product development and close relationships with workshops are essential, also from an environmental perspective.

In international collaborations, Johanna Gullichsen only works with environmentally certified partners and traders, who all meet and respect EU employment standards. All companies will need to comply with EU regulations and be accredited with Oeko-tex 100 certification.  The Contract fabric collection developed for public spaces is woven in Finland, but the yarn comes from a certified Swiss spinning mill. The Loom collection is woven in Italy, where silk and linen production has been developed through centuries-long craft traditions.

Sustainable production methods and concern for the environment have been a constant inspiration in Johanna Gullichsen’s creative approach. Simplicity, durability and refinement are cultural values behind the company’s environmental policies.