When awake, half is enough. For sleeping, one whole. What is it? The answer to this Japanese riddle is a tatami.

To be precise, this area of happiness varies slightly between western and eastern Japan; however, the traditional rectangular Tatami measures about 90 cm in width and double in length. A traditional Tatami is woven with Igusa, a plant of the lily family whose straw measures 100 cm maximum.

Johanna Gullichsen and the Rakusai collection launch a modern tatami called RE/NOMADO which can be rolled up. The material is a “tinted straw” made of paper, specially developed to resemble Igusa. During weaving, the material behaves similar to Igusa but is easier to care for and does not lose its colour. The size of the carpet is 80 cm x 200 cm, and it is bordered by a “Heri” border woven with a distinct graphic pattern specially designed by Johanna Gullichsen.