The Tilkku fabric celebrates 25 years of the Normandie collection

Why choose when you can have it all?

The fabric Tilkku, was launched to celebrate 25 years of the Normandie collection in 2022. Tilkku combines several patterns from the Normandie collection.

Together with our customers, we often think about the choice of colours and patterns. The thoughts can be about: which pattern would be right for a certain product, which is the customer’s favourite pattern. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose. Our customer meetings and design are the lifeblood of our work!  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Normandie collection, we would like to offer our customers the possibility to have several designs in one fabric. The new Tilkku fabric combines the Doris, Eos, Nereus and Tithonus patterns in a beautiful way. The almost solid-coloured surfaces between the patterns calm down the ensemble. Tilkku is playful and cheerful, yet balanced and works well in interiors. It is also easy to combine with the other Normandie fabrics. Tilkku is available in a range of colours, both by the metre and as finished products, such as cushions (40 x40, 50×50, Tube) and bags.

Variations on a theme

The core of the Normandie collection has remained the same for 25 years. However, the collection has not stood still but has always evolved with the times: the Normandie collection has changed colours with the seasons and sometimes a pattern has been temporarily taken out of production to make a “comeback” at a more favourable time. Over the years, Normandie fabrics have also been sewn into a variety of products. The patterns have been adapted to ceramics and wallpaper, among other things.

In 2017, when the collection celebrated its 20th anniversary, Johanna Gullichsen designed the Oceanide fabric. The Oceanide fabric combines some of the Normandie collection’s patterns in round shapes.

Patchwork as a source of inspiration

The idea behind traditional patchwork quilts has been to use all materials as efficiently as possible. Even old worn-out textiles have been reused to make new artistic quilts. The idea of patchwork comes naturally to our company. For us, all materials are valuable and should be used as sparingly and as efficiently as possible. Since even small pieces of fabric are used as material for smaller products such as purses, there is hardly any textile waste from our production. We also encourage our customers to sew glass coasters, for example, from their fabric scraps. In June 2022, we will organise a workshop on patchwork in our shop in Lasipalatsi.

In 2018, Johanna Gullichsen designed a special series of blue and yellow cushions for an exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. The cushions were sewn from small swatches of fabric in the same way as traditional patchwork. The cushions were part of the exhibition at Shimadai Gallery in Kyoto, Japan and were given as business gifts to important clients. The fact that the cushions were handcrafted meant that they were appreciated as particularly valuable gifts.